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October 24, 2003

posted Mar 20, 2011, 1:53 PM by John Manfreda
Time for my annual update :-)

I have been working here and there on a new version of emulator. Features:

  • hardware acceleration for primitive rendering
  • user selectable resolution (can run up to any resolution your video card supports)
  • menu system

Written in C++, so it is not nearly as optimized as the first emulator -- but then again PCs have improved to the point where I doubt this is an issue. My goal this time was to make the code object oriented, extensible, easy to port and modify.

The MAME team has done a stellar job emulating the mathbox -- so I see no reason to attempt to duplicate their success. My goals is to focus on the unique features that separate my emulator from MAME. Namely, my ability to high-level interpret the mathbox. The new platform will allow for cool things like high resolution support, particle system for dots, etc...

The emulator is nowhere near complete, as sound support, joystick, save states, etc... are not yet supported. However the emulator is playable. I've uploaded it here.

This is a work in progress. Please treat it as such -- no annoying questions, this doesn't work, etc...

I've separated the 6809 engine into its own DLL. You will need it to run the game. It is included in the zip file.

Also, DirectX extension libraries are needed. They too are included in the zip file.

Again this is a work in progress -- I can't promise the video system will run on all PCs -- there may be other problems -- you have been warned.