Atari Coin Connection

Here's the summer 1984 issue of Atari Coin Connection, where they talk about the release of I, Robot.

I, ROBOT: You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

With the introduction of I, ROBOT, the latest coin-op video game from ATARI, the company displays the results of over two years of game development.

The results are incredible animation, super-realistic three-dimensional graphics and game play excitement never before possible. And along with superior game play, I, ROBOT features "Doodle City," a magnificent alternative to game lay, where players can actually manipulate the I, ROBOT game graphics in a variety of colors and shapes.

I, ROBOT has a number of special features which set it apart from ordinary coin video games. Doodle City offers players dynamic interactive computer entertainment.

There are over 100 different waves featuring 22 unique geometric playfields with space waves and bonus waves in between. A special transporter allows players to select higher play levels for extra challenge and bonus opportunities. Players can change their playfield viewpoint from overhead to ground level, where shooting enemy objects is worth more points.

Game play begins with this challenge: "You are an unhappy Interface Robot (#1984) in rebellion against 'Big Brother' and his 'Evil Eyes'. The Evil Eye dictates the 'Law'. The Evil Eye will kill you if it sees you breaking the Law. Your mission is to destroy the Evil Eye."

The Law is no jumping, but the player must move a Robot despite the Law. The Robot must collect all the red zones on the playfield, jumping from one to another when the Evil Eye is not looking. If the Eye is red it sees the Robot jumping and will zap him. Each time the Robot collects a red, the Evil Eye loses one of its protective shields. When all the reds are collected, the Shield is completely destroyed and the Robot can reach the secret pyramid and terminate the Evil Eye.

While in the various terrains, the Robot is threatened by ranks of enemies released by the Eye that must be dodged or destroyed: Killer birds, giant beach balls, robot slicers, space sharks, deadly soccer balls, pyramid mines, and buzz saws, to name a few.

Every third terrain, the Robot must enter a red pyramid in order to eliminate the Evil Eye. Inside the pyramid jewels are scattered about. The Robot has just one chance to collect the jewels before he is thrust into the next space wave.

In between each terrain the Robot must travel through space, once again avoiding or destroying as many objects as possible. If all the tetrahedrons are destroyed, the player will achieve a special bonus. An extra life is awarded if the player spells out "I, ROBOT" by shooting the individual letters as they appear sequentially in various space waves.

To increase challenge at higher levels, an awesome Viewer Killer appears after completion of Level 26 to chase the player (not the Robot). The player can avoid the Viewer Killer by changing the playfield perspective. If the Viewer Killer is not avoided, the player will be "destroyed."The player controls the Robot by moving the analog Hall-effect joystick. Fire buttons are used to shoot obstacles. Once game play begin, start buttons are used to change playfield viewing angle.

A high score table records the top ten game scores. Plus, the game automatically keeps track of the highest score achieved in the space wave, and also keeps track of the shortest time taken to get through each terrain. If the player beats the high score in the space wave or completes a terrain in a shorter time, he is awarded bonus points.

I, ROBOT is a first - an engineering and entertainment breakthrough.