2A03 Synthesizer


Welcome to the home of the 2A03 Synthesizer.

For those of you familiar with the 8-bit music scene, the 2A03 was the integrated circuit at the heart of the old Nintendo Entertainment System. The 2A03 was a custom IC containing, among other things, a 6502 processor and audio generator circuits. These circuits are what gave the NES it's unique sound.

Well, my interest in 8-bit music scene got me thinking "I wonder what it would sound like if I could connect my MIDI keyboard controller to my NES?". The 2A03 Synthesizer is the answer to that question.

The 2A03 Synthesizer consists of the following:

    • an "expanded" 2A03 emulator
    • MIDI keyboard support
    • a GUI for patch creation

The 2A03 emulator was "expanded" to make the synth more flexible and interesting. Certain limitations of the original 2A03 were removed, and additional features common on professional synthesizers were added. Check out the notes page for more details.


October 14, 2005

New version available for download ( New features include:

    • PC keyboard support (simulates a MIDI keyboard controller)
    • ADSR envelope sliders changed from linear to logarithmic

October 9, 2005

First official release of synthesizer.

Web pages goes online.