Welcome to the home of the Prophet VS Workstation.

The Prophet VS was a synthesizer released in 1986 by Sequential Circuits, the creators of the famous Prophet-5. An important synth at its time, the Prophet VS was the first synthesizer to introduce the concept of two dimensional cross-fading between waveforms. Sequential called this concept Vector Synthesis. Arguably the best synth ever produced by the company, Sequential never got to capitalize on their revolutionary idea as the company folded shortly after the VS was released. However, ex-Sequential employees went on to create the Korg Wavestation, the technical successor to the VS.

Although an extremely versatile synthesizer, the streamlined interface (with only a single data entry slider) makes programming the VS a frustrating experience. The Prophet VS Workstation was born out of this frustration.

The Prophet VS Workstation is the interface that the VS should have had. The intuitive visual editing system allows patch settings to be viewed and edited in real-time using a mouse. All changes are synchronized between the VS and the PC, ensuring that the patch you hear is the same one displayed on the PC. Completed patches to be easily swapped between the synthesizer and the PC, greatly expanding the storage capabilities for your synth.

At one point I had plans to add the following features to the software, but sadly real-life has gotten in the way.

  • the ability to upload/download VS oscillator waveforms
  • the ability to visually edit VS oscillator waveforms
  • a patch librarian with comparator

I've released the source code under the GPL v3. Hopefully one of you will be able to take what I've done here and build upon it in some way. The source code archive can be found below. The password for the archive is: GPLv3